Hunting in Elizabeth Township

Elizabeth Township has recently joined the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Hunter Access Program. This program allows Elizabeth Township residents to hunt on 178.8 acres of Elizabeth Township properties with permission from the Township Office Manager. Once permission is granted by Elizabeth Township, the approved resident is permitted to hunt on the requested properties for the entire length of the hunting season. Links to the properties are posted below.

If you are interested in applying for a Township permission letter, please e-mail the following information to Jaime Montgomery @

Your full name

Your home address

Your phone number

The municipal properties where you will hunt

If approved, you will receive a letter, attached to an email response, stating your permission to hunt on the specified properties. You must have this permission letter on your person EVERY TIME YOU HUNT.

While hunting, you are expected to abide by all Pennsylvania Game Commission Laws, all local Ordinances and laws and all Elizabeth Township adopted policies. Also, by accepting the permission letter, you acknowledge that Elizabeth Township is released from any and all liability related to your actions on Township property.

More information about the PA Game Commission Hunter Access Program may be found at PA Game Commission Hunter Access Program

Click the links below to view eligible hunting properties:

522 Rock Run Road Property
429 Duncan Station Property
298 Chapel Drive Property
Rock Run Road Property
P & LE Railroad Property
Buena Vista Road Property
Broadlawn Drive Property
Blythedale Road Property
Belsar Road Property