Community Center Details

Building 1 (Checque Hall):

Building 1 is home to the Sea Cadets office. The building has a fully furnished living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bunk room with an adjoining bathroom. There is also a small side room off of the dining room. The bunk room has 24 beds and 36 mattress. The adjoining bathroom include 2 showers. There are additional tables, chairs, and cots in a storage room off of the kitchen. In the back of the building there is a rock climbing wall, a fire pit, a small pavilion with 3 picket tables, and a charcoal grill. On the left side of the building there is a small amphitheater. The main parking lot is located in front of building 1. The garbage and recycling are located in the back of the parking lot.


Building 2 (Troop House):

Building 2 does not have air conditioning. There is a kitchen that is opens to the main hall, which has chairs. Since this building is the old girl scout old troop house, there is only one bathroom. The bathroom includes 2 showers. The main bunk room includes 26 beds. The small bunk room has 4 beds. There is a charcoal grill, a picnic table, and a fire pit in the right side of the building.


Building 3 (Friendship Hall):

Building 3 include a front porch/deck that as 3 pickets tables. The foyer includes hooks to hang up your belongings. The bathrooms are off on the left side of the foyer. Each bathroom include 1 shower. Building 3 also has a full kitchen and a main hall that has tables, chairs, and doors opening up to the deck. The is a fire pit on the right side of the building and a small pavilion on the other side of the loop. You can either park on the loop or on the grass next to the building.



There are 2 trails, the Rainbow Trail and the Gypsy Loop. The Rainbow Trail starts next the amphitheater and end near old Cabin #7. The Gypsy loop start near the building 3 pavilion.

Rainbow Trail

Gypsy Loop