Elizabeth Township participates in the National Flood Insurance Program that makes flood insurance available to our residents. As a condition of remaining in the National Flood Insurance Program, the Township has adopted a Floodplain Ordinance that restricts development in a identified floodplain and requires a review and permit for ALL work done within a floodplain. The Floodplain Ordinance also sets requirements for construction and development within a floodplain including elevations and flood-proofing.

We would like to remind you about the requirments for a review and permit for all work in an identified floodplain. This includes: improvments or additions to structures, accessory structures such as fences, sheds, and detached garages. Many projects within a floodplain would require an appeal and a variance from the Township’s Floodplain Ordinance at a public hearing conducted by the Zoning Hearing Board. Please always check to see if a permit is required prior to starting any work in a floodplain. Also please note that storage of various items are regulated withing a floodplain and no fill is permitted to be placed within a floodplain.

If you are not sure if you are living in a floodplain, you can check your address by using the following link to the Federal Emergency Management Agency flood map service center: FEMA Flood Map
You can also contact the Code Enforcement Department by calling (412)-751-2880 or by email at jsnelson@elizabethtwppa.com

Informational Brochures and Additional Information

Retrofitting Your Home for Flooding (Will download a zip file)
National Flood Insurance Program
National Flood Insurance Program Fact Sheet
Informational Brochure
What to Do After a Flood
For the Kids
Flooding Brochure 1
Flooding Brochure 2
Flooding Brochure 3

Additional Links

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