Code Enforcement

If you are considering any improvements or alterations to your home, property, or business, contact the Building Inspector/Code Enforcer to discuss your plans to determine if any permits or approvals are required. Township regulations place various restrictions on the use of property, and the location of all improvements and additions to property. Property owners should contact the Code Enforcement Officer, John Snelson, or the Building Inspector, Chris Harvey.

An Occupancy Permit is required for single family and multi-family residences as well as businesses in Elizabeth Township. The Code Enforcement Official must inspect the housing unit or business and an Occupancy Permit is required prior to anyone moving into an apartment, home or business.

Code Enforcement Officers:

John Snelson


Tel: (412) 751-2880 ext. 1012

Fax: (412) 751-6002

Greg Butler – Assistant


Tel: (412) 751-2880 ext. 1016

Fax: (412) 751-6002

Building Inspector:

Chris Harvey


Tel: (412) 766-2565

Fax: (412) 766-2711

Code Enforcement Applications:

Certificate of Occupancy

Application for Certificate of Occupancy

Occupancy Inspection Requirements

Building Permit

Building Permit Application


Elizabeth Township Zoning Ordinances

Table of Uses for Zoning

Zoning Map

Zoning Appeal Application

Elizabeth Township Subdivision and Land Development Application

Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application

Canvassing and Soliciting

Door to Door Canvassing Application

Peddling Permit Application