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Elizabeth Township Board of Commissioners Meeting – June 1, 2020

Township residents may attend the Elizabeth Township Board of Commissioners Meeting on June 1, 2020 at 7:00 pm by connecting to the online Zoom platform using the credentials listed below. This online meeting replaces the meeting normally conducted at the Township Municipal Building.

Residents may attend the meeting by logging into the online Zoom meeting using the following credentials:

Join Zoom Meeting using this link:
https://zoom.us/j/91586760221?pwd=MTVCWmZDY3N0R1ZMUG5aY3FGRFN0Zz09 or clicking this Meeting Link

Enter this Meeting ID: 915 8676 0221

Enter this Password: 364236

Residents may phone into the meeting (without a computer) by dialing: 929-205-6099 and entering the above meeting ID and password.

Below are documents related to the meeting:

June 1, 2020 Meeting Agenda

General Fund Bill Warrant

Sanitary Fund Bill Warrant

Conditional Use Hearing Meeting – June 1, 2020

The Elizabeth Township Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on June 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm for consideration of a conditional use application submitted by Elizabeth Township Self Storage LLC for commercial indoor recreation to be located at 605 Scenery Dr. Elizabeth, PA 15037

Residents may attend the meeting by logging into the online Zoom meeting using the following credentials:

Join Zoom Meeting using this link: https://zoom.us/j/96023763714

Enter this Meeting ID: 960 2376 3714

Residents may phone into the meeting (without a computer) by dialing: 929-205-6099

Video Recording of Zoning Hearing Board Meeting Meeting – May 27, 2020

Residents may access the May 27, 2020 Zoning Hearing Board Meeting at Meeting Link using password 0f!zRE@@

Video Recording of Township Planning Commission Meeting – May 20, 2020

Residents may access the May 20, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting at Meeting Link using password 3Y!33!8$

Consolidated Polling Place Locations Announced for June 2 Election

The Elections Division issued the full list of consolidated polling place locations for the Tuesday, June 2 primary election. The division had submitted a resolution passed by the Board of Elections to the Department of State with its outline of a consolidation plan on April 28.

Households with eligible voters will receive a postcard prior to Election Day advising of their specific polling place location. There will also be additional outreach and information to the public and voters between now and Election Day, including on social media.

As determined by the Board of Elections, while there is one location listed, sites may include multiple polling places within that location so that physical distancing and other mitigation measures may be followed on Election Day.

The consolidated polling location for Elizabeth Township is:

Elizabeth Township Municipal Building
522 Rock Run Rd.
Elizabeth, PA 15037

For additional information and detail as it becomes available, visit Allegheny County Elections and select the June 2 Primary Election Information tile.

Election updates are also provided through Allegheny Alerts. Create a free subscription at Allegheny County Alerts and select the “Elections” subscription.

Notice of Public Comment Period

Elizabeth Township is soliciting public comments on the Environmental Assessment (EA) that has been compiled for a conversion proposal to the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources and the National Park Service. The EA pertains to the impacts and mitigation associated with a conversion of land in Blythedale Park for the Olympus Energy LLC Galene Fresh Water Withdrawal Project. Interested parties may review the EA at Blythedale Park Environmental Assessment and submit comments in writing to Elizabeth Township 522 Rock Run Road, Elizabeth, PA 15037. Electronic comments may be submitted by email to jwhiteman@elizabethtwppa.com. The public comment period begins May 12, 2020 and ends June 12, 2020.

A subject heading of “Blythedale Park Environmental Assessment” and a return name and address must be included in each letter or electronic transmission. Comments will not be accepted by facsimile or voice mail.

Video Recording of Township Board of Commissioner’s Meeting – May 4, 2020

Residents may access the May 4, 2020 Commissioner’s meeting at Meeting Link using password 7W$0#66X

Residents may view and/or print the meeting agenda and other meeting documents by clicking the following links:

May 4, 2020 Meeting Agenda

May 4, 2020 General Fund Bill Warrant

May 4, 2020 Sanitary Fund Bill Warrant

April 6, 2020 General Fund Bill Warrant

April 6, 2020 Sanitary Fund Bill Warrant

Residents Asked to Refrain from Open Burning During Pandemic

The departments of Health and Emergency Services have joined forces to ask residents to “be a good neighbor” and reduce the amount of smoke and air pollution they produce during the COVID-19 crisis.

In most county municipalities (not all so check your municipal ordinances), recreational burning of clean, dry wood in a 3’ x 3’ pile at least 15’ from the property line is legal. However, officials are asking county residents to voluntarily refrain from recreational burning. The Health Department (ACHD) has observed an increase in legal recreational burning with some taking place for extended periods during the day.

Dr. Debra Bogen, Director of the Health Department, notes, “With more people at home due to the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in recreational burning. The resulting smoke reduces local air quality and for our neighbors and friends with chronic diseases such as asthma or COPD, local burns can trigger the need for more medication, emergency medical visits, and deterioration of the chronic conditions. Please – I ask you all during this crisis to think about the health needs of your neighbors and refrain from all backyard burns.”

The COVID-19 pandemic poses threats to individuals with a history of heart or respiratory illness, and open burning adds to that burden. Smoke can increase an individual’s susceptibility to the virus and can also decrease a COVID-19 infected individual’s ability to fight the virus and worsen their symptoms. It can also result in non-COVID infected individuals having to seek medical attention during this crisis because of respiratory illness.

Both departments have received a significant number of complaints related to open burning. The Health Department (ACHD) has received twice the number of complaints as were received last year during this same time period. Many complaints have been related to trash burning which is prohibited in Allegheny County. While ACHD has inspectors that can respond to complaints, municipalities also have the authority to enforce the open burning rules and, in many cases, can respond more quickly to address the issue.

“Help us help you,” said Chief Matt Brown, Director of Allegheny County Emergency Services. “We are entering the Spring brush and wildfire season which adds to the threat of a controlled burn becoming an uncontrolled burn.”

Just like in other frontline careers, fire departments are adjusting operations to protect their members while still serving our communities. This includes steps to limit training activities, enforcing physical distancing when possible, closing fire stations to the public, and conducting evaluations of members for symptoms. The voluntary ban on burning can assist with those measures.

Particularly during dry and windy conditions, open burning can lead to brush and other types of fires. Firefighters responding to those emergencies are working close to each other, are using personal protective equipment (PPE) that could be reserved for other emergencies and could be responding to other emergencies rather than one that could have be prevented if residents refrain from burning activities.

For more information on the county’s Open Burning Regulations, visit: Open Burning in Allegheny County

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Foreclosure Prevention Resources

Please visit the link below to view important legislation information related to the prevention of foreclosure and possible mortgage relief due to resident income interruption caused by the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

MuniReg.com – Mortgage Relief for Elizabeth Township Residents

Reminder to our Residents

As a reminder, our Municipal Building and Tax Offices are closed to the public. Those residents wishing to pay their taxes can send payments in via postal mail or utilize the tax drop box located outside of the municipal building. If you would like a receipt for your payment, please include BOTH copies of your tax bill along with a self addressed stamped envelope along with your payment

Elizabeth Township Sanitation Announcement

Elizabeth Township is asking residents to refrain from flushing sanitation wipes even if the package states they are flushable! Other alternatives to toilet paper including paper towels and facial tissues also should not be flushed in local sewer lines as people practice guidelines to combat the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. While the “flushable” wipes concern is not new to wastewater facilities, there is an increased risk to our system due to the current shortage of toilet paper.

The Township is working closely with Veolia North America, which operates and maintains the wastewater treatment plant, to educate people about the need to avoid flushing inappropriate items down their toilets.

We ask that our community members pay extra attention to what items they are using and flushing and remind you not to flush anything other than toilet paper, whether being used for personal hygiene purposes or for wiping and cleaning surfaces. Although many so-called “disposable” hand wipes are advertised as being safe for flushing, in reality, they can cause backups in the system and contribute to the buildup of foreign materials. In some cases, they can attach to buildups of grease in the system and create large blockages called “fatbergs.”

Here are some items that should not be flushed down sewer lines:

• Wipes of any kind
• Disposable gloves
• Reinforced Towels
• Napkins
• Wet wipes/baby wipes

As a general reminder, here are “Dos and Don’ts” for avoiding backups in the local sewer lines:

DO NOT flush wipes, gloves, towels or other trash down the toilet, even if they’re labeled flushable.

DO NOT pour grease down kitchen sinks or toilets. Instead, put grease in a sealed non- recyclable container and throw it out with regular garbage.

DO NOT use the sink as a toilet or the toilet as a garbage disposal.

DO reduce and reuse by using compostable or reusable makeup applicators, like cotton balls, and cleaning supplies, like paper towels or rags.

DO toss dirty baby, makeup and cleaning wipes, tampons, sanitary pads and condoms in the trash.

DO recycle finished toilet rolls, cardboard packaging from toothpaste and brushes, and plastic packaging from shampoos and shower gels.

Thank you for helping keep our community and facilities clean and functioning!

Important Announcement from Waste Management

Dear Valued Elizabeth Township Waste Management Customers,

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Federal and State Declarations of Emergency have been issued that recommend non-essential employees shelter in place and/or work from home when possible to promote social distancing.

As a result, Waste Management has significantly reduced its “field” work force and is focusing on the performance of essential services during this unprecedented emergency.

Because of its importance to the health and safety of our society, municipal solid waste collection and disposal is deemed an “essential service” in most instances, and so Waste Management’s employees dedicated to collecting and disposing of trash are in the field continuing to perform this critical function.

In order for Waste Management to maintain its focus on municipal solid waste collection and disposal, and due to the reduced number of employees in the field, effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020, Waste Management is temporarily suspending the performance of the following services, which are non-essential during this period of emergency:

• Bulk Collection – furniture, carpet, mattresses, appliances, etc.
• Spring and bulk clean-ups
• Yard Waste Collection – grass clippings, brush, tree limbs, etc.

Please Note:

• All trash/refuse must be bagged & sealed (and wherever possible) placed in containers. LOOSE ITEMS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

• All recyclable materials must be placed inside recycling bin (including cardboard). ITEMS LEFT OUTSIDE OF BIN, WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

• WM will enforce (bag and/or cart limits), as reflected in our current contract.

When the Declarations of Emergency and social distancing recommendations have been eased and Waste Management’s work force returns to pre-pandemic levels, these services will be restarted.

Waste Management will provide notice when the service(s) will resume.

We have been a part of this community for many years and know that together we will be resilient. Thank you for your partnership during this critical time.

Elizabeth-Forward School District Meal Program

Parents in the Elizabeth Forward School District will be able to receive lunch during our school closure for children 2-18 years old. The district will be prepared to provide a meal for each student that has signed up beginning on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 (weekdays only). Parents will only need to sign up once to receive meals.

Meals can be picked up at Elizabeth Elementary School (207 South 3rd Avenue, Elizabeth, PA 15037) or Elizabeth Forward Middle School (401 Rock Run Road, Elizabeth, PA 15037) between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Please visit this link to sign up for children’s meals Elizabeth Forward School District Meal Order Form

Dropboxes During Township Building Closure

Elizabeth Township now has drop boxes located outside of the municipal building for the Tax Collector’s Offic and Township Offices. Please utilize the appropriate box for tax payments or any paperwork you need to submit to Township offices. The white mailbox is for Legal Tax Service sewage payments only. These boxes are secured and will remain here permanently.

Important Announcement – Municipal Building and Services

Please see important announcement below regarding the status of the Elizabeth Township Municipal Building and Municipal Sevices: Municipal Letter Regarding Township Building and Services Download

State Guidance for Child Care Providers

On March 18, 2020, PA-DHS issued guidance for Child Care Providers. Allegheny County has released this statement:

Child care facilities were closed statewide on March 16 to support mitigation efforts. Exceptions to the policy are family child care homes and group child car homes operating inside a residence. Closures and operational guidance are communicated directly to providers, so providers should check for updates in their email daily.

A waiver process has been implemented for centers that serve families for essential personnel including health care workers and first responders. Additionally, implementation of part-day school-age programs are a viable option for communities as they consider supporting working families.

Guidance can be found at: Child Care Information

Corona/Covid-19 Virus Information and Recommendations

Please view the latest Allegheny Health Department Update on the COVID-19 virus: March 11, 2020 Allegheny Health Department Update

Elizabeth Township Achieves Banner Community Recognition for 2020

As a result of an outstanding commitment to professional development, prudent fiscal management, transparency, accountability and proactive communications to engage community stakeholders, Elizabeth Township is recognized as a 2020 Banner Community by the Allegheny League of Municipalities.

Seniors for Safe Driving – Mature Driver Improvement Course

Please Join State Represenative Mike Puskaric on September 25, 2020 at the Elizabeth Township Municipal Building from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for this four-hour driving improvement course for adults 55 and older. Details of the event are below.

Informational Flyer

Crossing Guard

Elizabeth Township, located at 522 Rock Run Road has an immediate need to hire (1) Part-time daily crossing guard to assist students at street crossings near schools.

Must be available to work mornings before school hours and afternoons at student dismissal (approximately 2-3 hours per school day). Candidates should be high school graduates, be able to obtain required clearances, possess the ability to remain calm and professional with students, parents, law enforcement officials and the public, and use verbal communication skills/make sound decisions with student safety in mind.

A copy of the job description and essential job functions is available from the township upon request. The hiring policy is available for inspection and review at the administrative offices during normal business hours. Elizabeth Township is an equal opportunity employer and interested candidates should obtain an application from the Municipal Building during normal business hours.

Completed applications can be mailed or submitted in person to Joelle Whiteman, Office Manager.

Garbage and Recycling

Please visit our Garbage and Recycling Page for information about Household Hazerdous Waste collection:

Click Here for More Information

Real Estate Appeals

Real Estate Assessment Appeals to be heard in Forward Township –
Click Here for More Information

Business Directory

We are accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Elizabeth Township Business Directory!
Business Directory Application


Route 48 Scenery Drive

PennDOT District 11 is advising motorists that line painting operations on Route 48 (Scenery Drive) in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, will occur Monday through Wednesday, January 13-15 weather permitting.

Single-lane alternating traffic will occur on Route 48 (Scenery Drive) at the intersection of Round Hill Road from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day while PennDOT crews perform eradication and painting work. Flaggers will assist motorists through the work zone.

PennDOT advises motorists to exercise caution and patience and suggests allowing at least 250 feet (13 car lengths) behind line painting equipment to avoid damage. Motorists should avoid passing the paint vehicles unless directed by a paint crew member or flag person to do so. Passing too quickly can cause damage to fresh paint lines and may result in paint on the motorist’s vehicle. Line painting vehicles normally pull over every two and one-half miles or when safety permits.

Recent technological advancements on the mix of formulas have produced fast dry paints that are dry to the touch within 2 to 3 minutes. It is crucial to stay off these lines during the curing period.

Motorists who accidentally get paint on their vehicles should immediately wash the paint off with a high-pressure water stream and detergent. Dried paint can be removed with de-natured alcohol and a soft cloth. Generally, PennDOT is not responsible for paint on vehicles.

Roadway line painting is an important part of PennDOT’s highway safety initiatives. Paint lines provide direction, delineation, and guidance to motorists.

Glass beads applied on top of wet paint during the painting process provide retro reflectivity. These small, spherical beads reflect light during dark hours and periods of low visibility. As the glass beads become worn or wet, the reflectivity becomes greatly diminished resulting in reduced visibility during dark and wet hours.

Lines need repainting each year because of normal wear, tear, and weather. Winter maintenance activities such as plowing, spreading anti-skid materials, and studded tires are very abrasive to paint lines and can cause fading. Normal weathering caused by snow, rain, and ice also contribute to line reflectivity reduction.

State roads with the highest traffic volumes and safety needs are painted first. These include interstates and the National Highway System followed by secondary roadways.

PennDOT establishes painting schedules to minimize delays to motorist. On days before holidays and on Fridays, crews will focus on secondary routes to minimize inconvenience for motorists.
Motorists should use caution and be aware of changing traffic patterns when driving through the area.

Visit 511pa.com or call 511 from any phone to check traffic conditions on major roadways before traveling.

Jacktown Road

Jacktown Road will be closed at the intersection of Jacktown and
Mill Hill Road Until Further Notice.

Further information for landslide repair on Scenery Drive:
Click Here for More Information

The Township of Elizabeth Welcomes You

Elizabeth Township lies between the shores of the Youghiogheny and Monongahela Rivers with a population of roughly thirteen thousand people, encompassing nearly twenty-three square miles in the southeastern section of Allegheny County. Elizabeth Township was formed from a part of Rostraver Township and was originally part of three counties: Bedford, Westmoreland, and Allegheny. This area was included in the large tract of land that was granted to the Penn family by King Charles II in 1681.

In 1788, Allegheny County was formed and Elizabeth Township, named in honor of Elizabeth Bayard, wife to the founder of Elizabeth Village, was incorporated as one of its original seven townships. Some villages located in Elizabeth Township are Boston, Greenock, Buena Vista, Industry, Blythedale, Blaine Hill, Mt. Vernon, Victory, and Central.

Elizabeth Township is home to the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. A trail for all seasons that follows the scenic Youghiogheny River along the former Pittsburgh and Lake Erie (P&LE) Railroad. The trail’s gentle grade, smooth surface, isolation from motorized traffic, and inherently scenic landscape offers visitors of all ages and levels of physical ability magnificent settings where they can safely walk, jog, cross country ski, or bicycle. The main access areas of Boston Park, Buena Vista, and Blythedale provide parking, benches, toilets, drinking water, bike racks, visitor information, picnic pavilions and security lighting. River access and historic interpretation signs are provided at key points along the trail. For more information and maps, please visit: www.gaptrail.org